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Rodgers Cleared To Play, Playoffs Start Sunday

Posted December 22nd, 2010 @ 03:12pm

One of the two teams playing at Lambeau Field on Sunday will reach the playoffs. The other will not. If New York wins, they're in. If the Pack wins, they live to play another week with a chance to claim the #6 seed with a win over the Bears.

As Packer fans, that's all we can ask for. But this will be a monumental task on Sunday. Yes, it becomes much more palatable knowing that #12 has passed his concussion tests and is set to return to the starting lineup. But the Giants come in to this one on the heels of a historic collapse that should have them focused and just dying to hit somebody.

The Giants have rebounded from a terrible 2009 season on the back of the defense, which has knocked six QBs out of games this season. If you thought the Lions' front four was impressive, they've got nothing on the Giants who boast a pair of elite pass rushing linemen in Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck. Rookie first rounder Jason Pierre-Paul has come on of late too. It adds up to a front four that's good enough that there's little reason to blitz, giving them an advantage on the back end. They rank #2 in the NFL in yards allowed and passing yards allowed.

Meanwhile, though their quarterback's jersey says "Manning" on the back, it's the running game that makes this offense go. The two-headed attack of Bradshaw and Jacobs averages over five yards a carry, extending drives and allowing their defense to rest. Manning has been inconsistent. He played well on Sunday against the Eagles, but his play led to home losses to the Cowboys and Titans.

They're 4-2 on the road this year, but their four wins are against Houston, Dallas (before they became Dallas), Seattle and Minnesota. Not real impressive. That said, they are coming off a loss of epic proportions and figure to give the Pack their best on Sunday.

As for the Pack, they seem to play up or down to their level of competition, which bodes well the rest of the way. The defense will need another sound performance--particularly against the run and the offensive line needs to play like they did on Sunday night. The Giants love to hit QBs and if Rodgers bangs that head one more time, he'll likely be done for the season.

This one will likely come down to which team doesn't give up the big special teams play--something both teams were guilty of last week, which team protects the football and which team can keep its QB upright.

It's the game of the week in the NFL and it's the game of the season for the Pack.

Until next Sunday, hopefully.

Favre to Peppers: "Go Beat the Packers"

Much is being written and said about Brett Favre donning blue and orange pom pons after the game and telling a group of Bears, including Julius Peppers, to "...go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks." OK, maybe he didn't put on pom pons.

The only folks who should be upset or surprised by this comment are Favre fans masquerading as Packer fans. They know who they are. They haven't forgiven Ted Thompson for letting the chosen one go, and while they say they're Packer fans, they secretly root for Favre whenever he plays.

The rest of us see this as yet another example of Favre showing the only reason he came back to play in 2009--to stick it to Thompson, McCarthy, the Packers and their fans. If the Vikings team was playing in the NFC South, or any other division besides the North, he would've hung 'em up after his year with the Jets. But the idea that he could compete directly against the team that would no longer bow down to him was too much to pass up.

This is not surprising. This is who Brett Favre is. Most of us have gotten over it and are thrilled about the direction this team is heading in. Maybe the pseudo-Packer Favre fans will finally figure it out now and move on themselves.

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Comments (8):

I was on the fence about MM until the end of the game last week. I just don't think this guy can get us over the hump from a "good" team, to a "championship" team. Every game during his tenure it has been 2 of the following 3: huge penalty yards, bad special teams, and/or complete breakdowns under pressure. Two of those three happening every game yields the outcome that you don't win close games (like the stats show) regardless of talent! Sadly, those three areas are all effort or coaching related! Whatever happens this year, MM should really be evaluated next year - if the Packers don't make the NFC championship in 2011 at minimum, we need a coach to get us to the next level. My $.02

on December 22nd, 2010 at 01:05pm

That game 3 years ago in the playoffs, NFC title game? Favre's last? This will be in the back of some people's mind, the game and that result that is.

on December 22nd, 2010 at 06:51pm

The NCAA basketball tournament have what they call their play in game before the big dance starts. This is the Packer's play in game to try and advance to the tournament. Win and go thru the same next week against the Bears. I have been critical of MM's play calling and game management all season....pleading to TT to bring in an Offensive Coordinator next season. While it is true the game is won on the field by selection and clock management and proper use of challenges falls on MM. He has fallen short this season. We need to start winning close games which we have not and it starts with MM and then needs to be executed. Having AROD is a plus physically and emotionally. We need to get turnovers when the opportunity presents itself, ie: do not drop potential interceptions. The Giants will try and pound the ball with their 2 big running backs....Eli will make some mistakes where we need to capitalize on....he usually does. The rest is obvious: no big penalities....better special teams....AROD's A game....and great line play on both sides of ball. Third downs both ways offensive makes and defensive stops are key. GO PACK GO !!!!!!

on December 22nd, 2010 at 10:44am

I was just starting to not hate Favre and then I hear this. All I can say now is "Screw Him!" What is his problem? I am officially done with BF. Wow. Davy can I use your golf club to break up my BF bobblehead?

on December 23rd, 2010 at 06:42pm

Don't waste your energy on him direct it to helping Green Bay get two more wins before the playoffs!

on December 23rd, 2010 at 06:57pm

I hope u guys are right. I think we lose this week. The giants are all healthy and not intiminated by the tundra. We will not be able to run on them and I just can't see our recievers getting open and #12 holding the ball to long. I sure hope I'm wrong. We have to run for at least 80 yards to have a chance. By the way, Not one reporter or scribe has mentioned besides the interception woody dropped, the biggest play of that game was when bishop sacked brady, it was aclear strip and fumble before he was down. we would have had the ball at there 28. I know I sound like a homer. We just seem not to get those calls. Washington game, hit to the head on Rodgers,no call. I'm proud of these boys no matter what happens this year. To have all these injuries and still be this good. grat job. Giants 24 pack 20. Go Pack, prove me wrong.

on December 24th, 2010 at 10:57am

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