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Posted November 6th, 2020 @ 02:11pm

The Packers didn't prove a lot with their Thursday night beat down of the 49ers. It doesn't erase the stench of their dismal performance against the Vikings. We all know that the Niners were hopelessly outmatched and had virtually no shot at springing the upset.

But the Pack did what they were supposed to do: dominate and take care of their business. It was great to see Aaron Jones back on the field and reminding us what a difference maker he can be.  And there's Davante Adams, whose absurd production has clearly vaulted him into the 'best receiver in football' conversation.

Watching Rodgers and Adams operate is magical. It obviously helps that the 49ers offered no real pass rush, with Nick Bosa and Dee Ford watching in street clothes. But the Pack was dealing with their own issues on their side of the line. With David Bakhtiari missing another game and Ricky Wagner unable to finish when is knee flared up, the Pack showed its depth and versatility to handle those absences.

Billy Turner has been one of the unsung heroes of the 6-2 start. After an underwhelming 2019, he came into this season regarded as an overpaid lineman who was probably best served being the sixth guy on a good team's offensive line. But his move to right tackle erased the team's biggest lineup question mark and he has handled the switch to left tackle  to replace Bakhtiari seamlessly. And Elgton Jenkins once again showed his amazing versatility, playing LG, LT and center all in one game.

Despite the injuries, this is still an above average 49ers defense, and the Pack's offense was back in rhythm. They were helped by a pair of actual takeaways. I forgot that it was legal to take the ball away from the offense--how refreshing.

The reality is we can take away virtually nothing from Green Bay's defensive performance. That was a week two preseason game lineup the 49ers put on the field. When the COVID rules removed LT Trent Williams and WR Brandon Aiyuk from the game at the last moment, it removed any chance they had of moving the ball consistently. Even without Jaire Alexander and Krys Barnes, who left the game with injuries, the defense controlled things until the final six minutes, when Pettine emptied the bench.

Not much to be gleaned from this win, except that it was one we didn't expect when the schedule came out. 6-2 at the halfway mark is the best I could have envisioned, with both Vikings games and road trips to New Orleans and San Francisco in the rearview mirror. With ten days off and three of the next four at home, the Pack have an opportunity to get their key injured guys back on the field and take firm control of the NFC North.


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Maybe if standing for the National anthem was part of the pregame they would play better

on November 16th, 2020 at 12:37pm

Boy it feels good to be soooo wrong. They really played well I didn't know 33 was going to play, he makes as much difference as 17 does to that offense. I know 17 scores more, But he opens it up for everything else with the lb's watching him. I got the wrong wr. too. James was the man for 49ers not Taylor, Just glad to get the win. They did much better against the run, But like THC said, That line is much different w/o Williams. But I think they missed the TE the most, he is the best blocking TE too. Now listening to Kfan today saying how lucky we are, Just like I said they would. Never ends, envy and Jealousy. Let's hope they get healthy now with 10 days off, they have a tough stretch coming up after Jax. Nice win.

on November 6th, 2020 at 10:10am

I see this at 11am today and it says it is posted as of 2pm today...

on November 6th, 2020 at 11:36am

I have been on Preston Smith's side. I am wavering after last night. Watching him get blown up on the edge run a couple times will do that. THC has talked about not signing Jone next year. I wonder if that tone has changed?

on November 6th, 2020 at 12:19pm

The Packers got a break in taking on a hollowed out 49ers team to offset the upset loss the previous Sunday. 6-2 at the midpoint is good. Maybe a little ahead, even, of preseason expectations. But as things have played out they definitely missed opportunity to make it 7-1. While they were caught napping on the Queens the most concerning thing about the first half was their blowout loss at Tampa. They've got some things cooking good: Rodgers, Adams, Jones. But if they're going to do anything different and better than the last 10 years they've got plenty to fix for the second half. Defense, for sure. More consistency and reliability from the wideouts and tight ends besides Davante. I'd sure like to see more from Dillon added to the runningback stable. Depending on their injury/covid situation the rest of the way and if nothing happens to Aaron Rodgers they will surely rack up another divisional title playoff season. Beyond that?

on November 7th, 2020 at 04:11pm

I am with LDF, they have too sign 33. , But I am worried The left tackle will go and Elkins will be moved there, they cant sign everyone in this virus were in and cap is coming down 10 mill or so. we have to sign Linsly too. they could sign Bakhtiari and let linsly go I guess. I think that is why they didn't sign fuller, He will want what Adams makes next year, so You cant give up a 2nd rd. pick for 8 games or so and lose him. I am actually surprised we have went this long playing w/o a whole shut down with his virus, Enjoy the season.

on November 7th, 2020 at 12:25pm

Okay regular readers forgive me if I am going to sound like Larry( Larry I love you dont take it negatively you are a good contributor on here). I am going to beat my drum on what I have been promoting for some time . Thats this...Gutey missed the opportunity to get Will Fuller. Let me set the scenario: Gutey had talked with Houston...Houston wanted a second round draft choice...Gutey offered a fourth. Fuller is to become a free agent next year and if he signs with another team ,which he wants to do Houston would receive a compensatory fourth round pick. So....of course why would Houston want a fourth from us when they already would get one. Okay...I agree giving a second is too much for a potential rental player. But...sources have reported Gutey didnt even offer a three which even if you threw in our 4th would have got the deal done. Some say Fuller is injury prone....but not this year....Sunday ...he had 5 catches for 100 yards and a him 6 for the year. Teaming him with Adams and Rodgers would be a great tandem as Fuller is a deep threat. Do we really trust MVS going forward?Look what SF did last year getting E Sanders at the deadline. Davy says defensive help may be more important. But....defense is more of a team effort. Wide receivers are playmakers and difference makers. Defensive individuals unless you are JJ Watt and K Mack in their prime are usually not difference makers to a gameas often as wideouts and QB's. So...finally...if we got Fuller only as a rental it would have been worth it. Rodgers is not getting younger and by keeping those draft choices next year will we be better. Time will tell...I think we missed. GO PACK GO !!

on November 9th, 2020 at 09:08am

OSSG, So we know Fuller would have been a one year player. 100%. We have to too many free agents coming up already. We have seen on multiple occasion what the offense looks like with and without Jones. We have a short window with Rodgers left. Keeping Jones for the rest of that window is the responsible thing to do. MVS just can catch a crossing route. Lazard is coming back. It's just too weird a year. I mean why was N>O> able to destroy Tampa, when we couldn't touch them? Sit pat and see what happens. I just hope they don't forget about scheming guys open instead of just expecting the receivers to beat their man.

on November 9th, 2020 at 10:58am

OSSG, take this wrong? That is what this site is for. I know I tell you guys when I'm right, But Also say when I'm wrong. Most don't. I hear you. I heard they wanted a 2nd rd pick for Fuller., we can't give that up. for 8 games. All I'm saying, how does Pittsburg get a Lb for 5th rd pick? Seattle gets DT Dunlap for a 4th I think. There has to be somebody out there to help at d line and Lb. Did any of you notice. Martinez is the leading tackler in NFL and had Pick yesterday? WE might as well get Voice to chime in. lol. Voice. watching the Packers game, last week, with 14.02 left in the game. HOF Aikman said. The biggest difference in this team, is they Scheme guys open now, versus always just trying to beat there guy one on one. That is all I was trying to say for 3 years. the men on the line have to win more that is for sure, But there are way's to make it easier for the qb and everyone. Get healthy and enjoy the season. Go Packers

on November 9th, 2020 at 11:13am

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