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"Packer Preview" Returns On KFAN This Sunday; Here's What First 53 Might Look Like

Posted September 2nd, 2011 @ 02:09pm

We're back for a 16th season this Sunday morning at 8am and for the first time we'll hear our favorite Packer songs in glorious FM, since KFAN recently switched to 100.3 FM. For those outside the Twin Cities, we'll still be found on the same stations along the Fan Radio Network and at

We'll look at the 53 man roster, preview the season, the Saints game, hear from nephew Zach and we'll play the new BoDeans song, "Lambeau Let's Go." The band sent me the song this week and it's a rocker...they should play it for the crowd right before sure beats Kid Rock in my book.

Another bit of news regarding this site, I'm adding a post-game podcast each week, my Monday morning Podcast. For years I've previewed the games, but my only chance to comment on the games comes on the "Border Battle" Monday mornings with Paul Allen on KFAN. This way I can control the mike and do my thing. Watch for it the morning after each Packer game. I will count on your comments/questions on my post-game blogs to use within the podcast, so please continue to post your comments and I'll treat them like emails on my radio show.

Now, on to the roster. Here's my guess on how it looks late Saturday afternoon:

QB (3): Rodgers, Flynn, Harrell

RB (4): Grant, Starks, Kuhn, Green; I think the Pack gambles by carrying one less back, allowing them to carry the extra tight end. Like they did with Nance, they can find a guy if they need one

WR (6): Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson, Cobb, Gurley; There's been some speculation of a possible Jones trade--I wouldn't mind seeing it, though it seems unlikely. Carrying a sixth receiver is something Thompson doesn't usually do, but Gurley has proven he deserves a roster spot and may eventually replace Jones or Driver on the depth chart.

TE (5): Finley, Crabtree, Quarless, Williams, Taylor; Still not totally sold that Quarless makes the team. But Finley's injury history probably guarantees him a spot. Crabtree provides some flexibility with the thin RB corps--he can play FB in a pinch. The two rookies appear to be locks.

OL (9): Clifton, Lang, Wells, Sitton, Bulaga, Newhouse, Sherrod, Dietrich-Smith, Schlauerdaff; not a lot of proven depth here. It wouldn't surprise me to see Thompson add a veteran guard off the waiver wire and cut the rookie Schlauerdaff loose. Nick McDonald's poor performance Thursday night sealed his fate.

DL (6): Raji, Pickett, Neal, Green, Wilson, Wynn

LB (8): Matthews, Hawk, Bishop, Walden, Smith, Francois, So'oto, Zombo; Brad Jones is the biggest name cut from the squad. They like what they see in Lattimore and hope to add him to the practice squad. Or they could elect to IR Zombo. So'oto's eye-popping performance against KC makes him the second undrafted guy to stick (Gurley's the other).

CB (6): Woodson, Williams, Shields, House, Lee, Bush; Lee's on shaky ground here. PAck look scan the wire for a CB or safety.

S (3): Collins, Burnett, Peprah

SP (3): Crosby, Masthay, Goode

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Comments (7):

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on August 1st, 2012 at 09:18am

I like your list, with just a few quibbles. Don't know if you guys read each oterhs before selecting. The choices show up a lot more clearly after looking at the various takes. Some comments on your comments:Wr: good point about Driver.TE: The Packers want Williams in case they don't re-sign Finley. Crabtree seems like the odd man out.OL: I think you have it right for the current status, but agree that could change tonight.DB: They kept only 9 in 2009. so 9 or 10 is a toss-up. Underwood seems to be behind Lee and Gordy, unless practice has been radically different than games?Overall, I think they keep Johnson. None of the other blockers does what he can. That means either Crabtree goes or only 9 DB. I think they

on May 18th, 2012 at 05:01pm

I would get rid of underwood and put gordy in that spot. Underwood monivg strictly to safety is a very bad omen for him. Especially since MD Jennings has outplayed him. Underwood was thin for a corner, putting him at safety was a death blow. brandian ross could take Lee's spot as well. Lee was a second round pick so he might be slightly more expensive than Ross, and Lee has been abused.No way DJ Williams gets cut. Taylor and Crabtree are kind of redundant. I like crabs but i think he gets the axe before williams.I do not think schlauderaff makes the roster. he has not looked good at all from everything that i have read.West of Gurley are a toss up. Gurley started slow but it sounds like he makes a play every day at camp. and 5 blocked punts in practice is nothing to overly discount. The guy has a SEVEN FOOT WINGSPAN. I really like west a lot, but i think Gurley could bring a different dimension to the WR corp, but I agree that the pack has to keep one of them this year.

on May 18th, 2012 at 08:47am

I like your gamble with only 8 LB while keienpg Zombo and So'oto. TT has done that kind of thing before.Agree that TT keeps Ryan Taylor, but its over Crabtree with only 4 TE.I think its Smith vs. MacDonald for the backup C/G; Schlauderaff stays on potential and one of the other two go.Underwood has played worse than Lee. Gordy actually had the lead for that job. But Lee has been getting better of late. This one can be decided tonight.All you guys have put together great, well-thought lists. Its really helped to clarify thinking, snd show problem TT faces. On some teams the 9th DB might not matter, but in GB it does. It is great to be a Packer fan in the 2010 s!

on May 20th, 2012 at 02:38am

After reading tugohrh the projected 53 s seems a lot have Brad Jones going. I can see the logic but feel it's unlikely with Zombo starting the season injured. Can't see us going say 4-5 games with an unproven raw rookie in So'oto as the primary back up at OLB.Don't see DJ Williams getting cut -draft pick with a lot of potential shortened pre season think he stays as does Taylor if a TE goes it's Crabtree but I think they all stick.Think we probably go 9LB and 9DB with 3 true safeties and Bush and can't see 6WR with Finley essentially a WR hybrid and all the other TE's ok to good receivers. * I reserve the right to forget about this post when it is all proven wrong..

on May 20th, 2012 at 04:07am

Davy: Agree with your choices..I believe TT will definitely add an experienced offensive lineman, defensive back, and posibly a defensive lineman with Neals injury concerns. I still worry about our kick coverage and kick return game. Would like to have seen more from Cobb and Green in that area. But kick coverage on punts and kickoffs concern me....I do not see improvement there from this weak spot last year. Excited for the counting games to start !! GO PACK GO !!

on September 2nd, 2011 at 09:03pm

WRT the running backs: no question the 4 you listed should all stay. Nance has never seemed like anything anything special, and Saine has been mostly a non-entity in the preseason. TT and MM should be able to find someone at least that good on a practice squad or off the street, should the need arise.

on September 2nd, 2011 at 09:15pm

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