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What an Email from Flynn to Rodgers Might Look Like

Posted September 18th, 2012 @ 03:09pm has acquired an email sent from Matt Flynn to Aaron Rodgers on Monday (OK, it may or may not actually be from Matt Flynn). Here it is:

Dear Aaron,

Hey, man, what's up? Nice beat down on the Bears last week. Our defensive guys can't wait to have their turn with Cutler and that offensive line.

Listen, I know we're playing against each other on Monday night. It was supposed to be billed as me against you, the former Packer back-up who is now the leader of the Seahawks. Well, about that...

Here's the thing, when training camp started, Coach Pete announced the QB job was up for grabs between me, Tavaris Jackson and the kid. I had to laugh a little. I mean, c'mon. I got paid! Tavaris was never gonna make this team and the kid is a third round pick who has to reach up to open the refrigerator.

Granted, I didn't get the payday I expected, but I was told I'd be the starter this year as long as I didn't sh*t the bed in the preseason. Thought I threw okay. I know the offense backwards and forwards. I mean, I did throw six touchdowns in my one start last year. That's a record that I hold in Titletown. Not you, Bert or Bart. Me. But a funny thing happened in the preseason. The kid looked good against second string defenses. Coach always preaches that every job is a competition, so he gave the kid a preseason start. And it was all over. Kid was awesome.

How do I feel? Imagine after sitting three years waiting for Bert to retire only to see the team draft a kid on the third day of the draft and they give him the job? Yeah, me too. So here's the thing, I want you guys to plant him the way you planted Cutler. Make him uncomfortable, rattle him, make him look like a rookie.

Here's the problem. He seems unflappable. The fans adore him, his offense adores him. Heck, even some of the defensive guys are warming up to him (by the way, good luck against our defense. Our secondary may be the best in the league, so those guys better remember how to catch next Monday night).

I knew when I signed here we didn't have the greatest set of receivers. But the kid seems to fancy this tight end of ours McCoy, so tell the linebackers to watch out for him. Of course, the kid will hand the ball off to our beast about 30 times to see if they can do what Gore did to you guys on opening day. Lynch ran right through the Cowboys and is the kid's best friend because of how easy play action can become.

So I guess my advice is, if you keep Lynch in check, the kid will have to throw more, giving you guys a chance to confuse him. I'm sure Dom has some tricks up his sleeve, but when the kid is at home with the 12th man behind him, he's pretty tough.

Just tell the defense to make him look bad. Somehow. And tell them to keep their hands up at all times. The kid's short. Did I mention that?

Your frustrated pal,




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Comments (8):

Great letter you "acquired" there Dave! Here's hoping the Packers pass rush can razzle Wilson enough that he and both Badgers QBs feel the need to penpal back and forth while vying for that starter position he left behind at Wisconsin! Go Pack Go!!

on September 18th, 2012 at 03:54pm

Hey you wish now that you would have followed that Packer guy to Miami ? The transplanted Wisconsin kid looks good after trading his baseball glove for a helmet. I hope we can stop him as this will be the only QB our middle linebacker ( 5' 11" DJ Smith) can see over. Hopefully good enough to stop that tight end MCCoy. So....the kid goes from the "Jump It" crowd to the "12th man" crowd. Hope our "D" takes them all out. I worry about Marshan Lynch.....yeah the same guy I pined TT to get a couple of years ago when he was available...he would like very good in green and gold. Arodg has been a work in improvement this year and the Hawk secondary will be a challenge. Speaking of Hawks....AJ ...please make some finishing tackles this game. Will be another game to see if Rodgers trusts Finley and Jones...please lets see more of the Dancing Man. Would welcome Jennings back....but is he ready to contribute yet? Let's keep the "MO" going from the Bear game !! GO PACK GO !!

on September 18th, 2012 at 08:28pm

Another tough game. Playing the NFC West seemed so desirable at first but it's starting to look like at least three of the better defenses in the NFC, reside in that conference. This will be a great guage game, to see if the defense can maintain it's great play, off the Bears game, and to see if the offense can begin to execute better.

on September 18th, 2012 at 09:01pm

Hey Matt, I'm a big fan of yours, and I hope you do well in Seattle. I've never been there, but I hear the winters aren't nearly as brutal as Wisconsin. That being said, next Monday should be pretty interesting on a number of levels. Think about this for a moment - look what the Cowboys did to the Giants in the opener, and then look at how your team systematically dispached the 'Boys on Sunday. Who'd a thunk it? I guess it's true what they say about "Any given Sunday", right? Now as far as next Monday goes, I'm sure it'll be nice to see some old friends, and I hope you'll enjoy that. Are your teammates feeling pretty good about now? Yeah, I thought so. I know I would too after taking apart the Cowboys the way your team did. Were you aware that Tony Romo is another Wisconsin kid? Small world, isn't it? Now as far as predicting the outcome next Monday, I'll leave that to Larry and the Head Cheese - that sort of thing isn't my bag (that's a slang term guys my age used to use when we were your age). But I'm expecting it to be a very entertaining game. Did you see the improvement in the Packer's defense? Not too bad, were they? Now I'm thinking the D isn't completely on track, but we now have a good idea of what they can do, and the younger guys will only improve as they get more experience. And as far as the offense goes, you would be the one guy who would know what they can do - after all, it was your hand on the throttle of that machine at the end of last season - that engine has some horsepower, doesn't it? Even you would have to admit that although it hasn't been hitting on all cylinders quite yet, it's only a matter of time. Who knows - all indications show that next Monday that engine could drop it into gear. But I guess we'll have to wait to find out. I'm not going to wish the Badger kid ill will, but I hope Coach Carroll wises up and give you your shot at some point. Wee miss you Matt, but we wish you well. See you Monday night, and good luck. I have a feeling your squad is going to need it. All the best from your friend at

on September 18th, 2012 at 11:11am

There's a few other ex-Packer Seahawks that could be doing some emailing as well. Former punter Jon Ryan and tackle wash-outs Allan Barbre and Breno Giacomini are also on the Seattle roster now. Apparently he didn't make the final cuts but they were also giving a preseason tryout to rb Kregg Lumpkin, too. There's been a veritable pipeline between Green Bay and Seattle going back to them luring Mike Holmgren away from us as head coach back in '99. We sent them their quarterback of the last decade Matt Hasselbeck and they sent us our running back of the last decade Ahman Green. Ted Thompson came back to Green Bay as GM after going there with Holmgren as their director of player personnel and playing a vital role in assembling the roster that got Seattle its only Super Bowl appearance in 2005. One of the major finishing pieces to the Packers '96 Super Bowl defense was safety Eugene Robinson from Seattle. There's probably a few more transactions and passages between the two clubs that I've forgotten. While we're on memory lane who can forget the two Packers playoff wins over Seattle in 2003 and 2007. The first was the overtime win on Al Harris' interception return off Matt "We want the ball and we're gonna score" Hasselbeck and the second was Ryan Grant running all over their defense for 201 yds. and 3 td's in a 42-20 route as the snow fell on Lambeau. This one is the Packers first road game of the 2012 season and Mike McCarthy is 6-0 in road openers in his career in Green Bay. But the Pac,kers are only 2-2 in games at Seattle.

on September 19th, 2012 at 05:23am

I"m happy for Flynn, he got paid. At least he's saving the wear and tear for later. This could be a really tough game, other poster mention how good the defense is and our record out there. There is good evidence that traveling across the time zones seams to effect teams too. Hopefully the long break and it being a late start negates that. I don't think the Packers special teams is going to make it quite as easy on Seattle as the Cowboys did. So, I say it again, if we can get up on these guys, we can stay up. I'm starting to here an echo of "Duh" in my head when I say that. For Larry I'll predict this game, but if we loose, I'll consider it my fault for trying and won't do it again this year. Packers 24, Seahawks 16.

on September 19th, 2012 at 08:57am

that a guy lynndickeyfan. i love it. don't tell me ossg and voice of reason don't have a prediction. who cares if your wrong. it sure is fun when your right. when i told my buddies last week that tramon would have 2 picks, they said how do u come up with these things? i look at the qb from other team and think of who needs i t worse,and go on a hunch. i do think i know these packers ,but we also know there is a lot of luck in all sports. I am scared to death of that crowed and they have a great secondary in seattle.. i'm with u ossg on lynch, i wished they would have went after him too. rodgers loves him and played with him in colledge. if they play man to man d. like they did last week on the corners , wilson might run for 90 yards, but so what. no big plays and we should win 20-16. go pack

on September 19th, 2012 at 11:39pm

Is our Defense as bad as it looked against SF? Is it as good as it looked against Da Bears? It will be nice to have another data point to figure out where our "new & improved" defense is at. With all of the young bucks on Def this year, I would expect it to start slow and then improve, so hoping that happens. Tramon sure looks like the Tramon of 2010 with his shutdown effort against Marshall. Guessing he will cover Sidney Rice this week? And how about the Claymaker? What if it is Clay and not Jared Allen that is chasing the Strahan-owned sack record that Farve bestowed? That would be a fun chase to watch each week (kinda like watching Molitor on his hit streak back in 87). Dave-if this heats up, maybe you will need to add a "sack chase" section to your homepage (kinda like flipping K's when a pitcher gets a strikeout or something). As far as the offense goes, it was great watching Ced run last week. Can't wait till he breaks a long one. A-Rod and the passing game still seems out of sync somehow. I can't quite put my finger on it but just not clicking smoothly yet. Maybe I am spoiled by lasy year's near perfection? Hope the boys can pull it out in a tough one against Seattle on Monday. GO PACK! And oh, by the way, did the Giants beating up on the panthers last night remind anybody else of the painful memories of the giants beating up on the pack in that playoff loss last year? NYG #90 Jason Pierre Paul was disrupting the panther offense the same way I remember him causing havoc for the pack last year. Need a Monday night win to help erase that memory!

on September 21st, 2012 at 08:12am

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